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Can you sell real estate property without an agent?

Each year, real estate agents receive substantial commissions for helping homeowners sell their property. Agents make successful sales due to the use of platforms and tools that make the job easy. Though these tools were reserved for real estate agents, sellers and buyers can now access them and facilitate the process without the need of an agent.

If you considering selling your property, you can do it without the assistance of an agent. This will save you from hefty commission fees and help you learn a lot from the process. Though a real estate agent may have some information about the neighbourhood, a homeowner has a direct connection with the area. Let us look at how you can sell your property without relying on an agent.

Price your home strategically

To be a pro at selling real estate property without an agent, you must survey the market from time to time. Try to separate your emotions from the pricing expectations. Make use of online tools such as Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine how much your property can cost.

Evaluate the initial price and adjust it against other properties in the market. Compare the rest of the property focusing your attention on aspects such as square footage, interior and exterior condition as well as the age of the property.

Buyers expect a reasonable price from a homeowner who does not use an agent due to the elimination of commission fees. Ensure you set a reasonable price so that your home does not become stale in the market due to overpricing. You should, however, be ready to defend the price you are asking for based on the recent prices around the area.

Advertise your home

Buyers looking for new homes start searching different properties from online platforms. You should, therefore, advertise your home just as an agent would have done. Capture bright photos that do not have clutter and share them on social media. Be keen on the orientation and direction of the images to let the buyers have a clear picture of the available space in your home.

Landscape photos work better than portrait ones when advertising real estate property. Try to include some relevant details such as a handcrafted mantle, tiered landscaping as well as intricate backsplash to accentuate the quality of your home.

You should also add creative descriptions to go along with the images. Give accurate and detailed information to capture the attention of a potential buyer. You can also make use of adjectives that create an emotional connection but be careful not to overdo it. List your home on some on internet sites such as Zillow to get a lot of prospective buyers.

Communicate with potential buyers

Once you have the attention of prospective buyers, maintain open an open line of communication with them. Do not converse with them only once then stop. Follow up with them once in a while to try and solicit feedback. Try to address any concerns that could be holding them back from giving you an offer.